Photo Packages

All of the photos get a standard post-processing treatment for color and tone editing. There can be some cropping to get the focus on what matters, without editing out the quality that makes wonderful photos.


$600 ($500 with DCZ Films)
Includes 1 to 2 hours for the ceremony, family photos, some wedding day photos in the park (or other location). Up to 4 hours for the reception, covering the dance, family, cake, car, and more.

Engagement Photos

Up to 3 locations for your portraits to put on display and create your wedding invitation with. 


$400 to $600 ($350 to $500 with DCZ Films) depending on the length of time needed and number of locations.

Family Photos

Includes individual portraits of the family members, up to 2 locations/days giving at least 1 pose of each setting/person.


Great for that single person wanting a professional photo, or that happy couple for Prom night.